The timeline

Our story, all the way from how it began in 2020 to our future plans. Become a part of it.

June 2020
So this is where it all began.

Founder Maksim is about to join ESCP Business School in London as a first year bachelor student. He's been into investing for 4+ years by that time, so he decides to create an Investment Society and present it to the school board, to further promote and educate the students on the matter of long-term investing.
September 2020
In a matter of months, Maksim has found many other like-minded students willing to help prepare everything before submitting a Society application to ESCP.

Wow! The Investment Society has grown immensely, counting over 15 heads in its team at that moment. We were ready to start operating.
October 2020
The idea, after months of preparation, negotiation and hard work - has been rejected by ESCP, leaving us with a large team of students and a question - ...what's next?

ESCP rejects the project due to the existence of another society, operating in the same area of interest - 'ESCP Finance Society'. The school is afraid that our operations & events might cross at some point in the future, further rejecting any possible workarounds we have been proposing for over 4 weeks of negotiation.

β€œIt was a tough moment for the team. We have been having lunch together, when suddenly we get an email from our school, stating they will not let us create the society. Everyone's mood was down, and we had to either shut down the operations, or... pivot in a completely different direction.”

Maksim, Founder of ICE

November 2020
Maksim is in love with fintech and ecommerce. He realises - it is the perfect moment to dive deep into this space, moving away from the idea of an non-profit, university-based society.

We want to aim higher. What if... millions of people were to benefit from what we could create? Oh. He has an idea.

Investment Society officially becomes a Limited Liability Company, registered under the name of Investment Club Europe, or ICE, at the Companies House in the UK (Company number 13002518).

"We have shaped a friendly and highly efficient work environment, where the young talents can truly flourish their skill set"

AndrΓ©, Head of Marketing

January 2021
The work has began. All departments were fully restructured, the team was shrunk from 21 to 12 members, in order to achieve maximum efficiency and focus.

A core team was established (at that moment): Reda Haddou, Axel Augier, Yassine Belhri, Bela Christoph Schneider, Weiji Zhang, Andre Schellenberg, Ivan Zuev and Artem Moshnin.

June 2021
By June, the Core team officially gets their employment contracts, sticking with the company for the long term.

We begin to work on the Financials, Risk and Compliance as well as Code, while improving the operations and the communication around the entire team.

We begin to understand that starting from this summer - we will have to consistently work hard around the clock. On the weekends, too. No beaches, no constant going-outs (and even holidays in Cannes).

Our one-sentence business description at that moment: ICE (Investment Club Europe) is an all-encompassing, green Fintech app - making smart, long-term, ethical (auto)investing and world-class financial education - free, easy and more accessible than ever before, for both adults and their children.Β 

August 2021
We are now preparing to apply for licenses from the European regulatory bodies, raise capital and establish our new (virtual) HQ in Madrid, Spain.

ICE continues to grow, seeing new members join its team and shifting to a fully custom website, encompassing everything from: who we are and what we do, to what we have to offer.
We envision a future in which ICE enables people across borders to invest and build wealth easily and automatically, while making a positive impact on society and our planet.

We are committed to provide world-class education, smart tools, and the confidence needed so that people achieve their financial goals and dreams - while living a better and a more sustainable life.

β€œICE was an opportunity to build a truly game-changing business, helping millions of people grow their money and achieve their life goals.β€œ

Maksim, Founder of ICE

Today, ICE is a green fintech startup, run by a team of 14, with a simple yet crucial mission - to build wealth sustainable for millions of people.

You've heard our story, now it's time to build yours.
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